Floras Concepthouse

Holistic development & health promotion, that’s what FLORAS is all about – an urban retreat house in the heart of Düsseldorf. We offer different programs in the field of stress & burnout prevention, mindset, meditation & coaching. Our focus is female – from female start-ups to female health to female charity projects.

Our vision: Make every day a retreat – we help individuals & corporates to develop a holistic and mindful lifestyle.
End-users: Individuals and companies who want to establish a holistic and mindful lifestyle.

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uma is a science-based pregnancy app developed by midwives, that individually accompanies pregnant women throughout their pregnancy.

Our vision: To empower pregnant women through digitization with all the skills and competencies they need, so that they are able to enjoy this magic period in life in a self-determined way.
End-users: Pregnant women
Location: Cologne, Germany
Stage: Start-up

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Elona Health GMBH

Elona Health develops evidence-based and sustainable solutions for patient-centered psychotherapy.

Our Vision: We want to be the leading provider of innovative outpatient mental health solutions by 2023 and improve the treatment experience for patients and therapists.
End-users: Outpatient psychotherapists and individuals with mental health conditions.
Location: Düsseldorf, Germany
Stage: Start-up

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Routine Health GMBH

Up to 80% of patients do not perform their prescribed exercises at home. Our motivating rehabilitation apps ensure that patients engage and enjoy their daily exercises.

Our vision: All patients use their home exercises regularly and with enjoyment.
End-users: Individuals with phantom limb pain, CRPS and hand dysfunction.
Location: Düsseldorf, Germany
Stage: Scale-up

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The ELDERTECH app supports families with seniors in providing care at home through simple communication on the one hand and organisation for task distribution within the family on the other.

The simplest communication options within the family also allow seniors who have had little contact with technology to participate in digital family life. Planning and organisation tools serve to coordinate tasks among caregivers – from family members, friends or volunteers to care services.

End-users: Caring relatives, inpatient care facilities, outpatient care services, housing for the elderly.
Location: Aachen, Germany
Stage: Start-up

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Our digital prevention courses for mental health provide you with tools for difficult times. Through personalized learning paths you will find your way to deal with psychological challenges.

Our vision: To support people in challenging situations so that mental stress does not turn into mental illness.
End-users: Individuals in mentally challenging situations. The first courses are aimed at stress management and at people who want to strengthen their self-esteem.
Location: Hamburg, Germany
Stage: Seed

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The team of RadarSight develops a novel radar technology-based aid for blind and visually impaired people: ‘The Torch’. The Torch enables precise detection and perception of the environment through acoustic and haptic feedback.

End-users: Blind and visually impaired people
Location: Bochum, Germany
Stage: Pre-Seed

This project is funded by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

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Medicine Men

Viduet is a validated platform that provides healthcare professionals with the right tools to optimally monitor and support their patients. Our vision is that everything that patients can do themselves should also be done by patients themselves. Patients who are in charge are more independent, due to increased control, have a better grip on life and a more positive attitude. By using our software, you as a healthcare provider will have more time for important matters, such as coaching, treating and diagnosing patients.

End-users: Healthcare professionals that treat chronically ill patients.
Location: Bunnik, the Netherlands
Stage: Scale-up

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Invisible Room GmbH & Co. KG

Worldwide, around 6.1 million patients with Parkinson’s suffer from ‘freezing of gait’: They are not able to move forward and feel like their feet are glued to the ground. The condition can last minutes to hours. First studies have shown that augmented reality applications can positively influence freezing of gait.

Our vision: With pARkson, we want to increase the quality of life of patients with Parkinson’s and provide them and their carers with a meaningful rescue tool for everyday life.
End-users: Individuals with Parkinson’s and freezing of gait
Location: Berlin, Germany
Stage: Pre-Seed

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dexter health

Whether voice-controlled documentation, the recognition of emergency calls or forwarding resident requests – the voice assistant “dexter” supports caregivers so that they have more time to do what they do best: care.

Our vision: We make care easier and create more time for the people.
End-users: Homes for the elderly
Location: Cologne, Germany
Stage: Seed

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By using the innovative MINDZEIT® App, for iOS & Android, you can strengthen your mental health. It supports you in gaining more energy, to better deal with stressful moments and to enhance your sleep. Since stress is a very individual reaction, we have developed the first intelligent and emotion-based recommendation system, that takes users by the hand and guides them through the exercises that match best with their current mood state.

Our vision: We want to make mental training just as normal as sports or healthy eating.
End users: Companies and their employees (Corporate Health & Employer Branding). Anyone who wants to improve her/his mental health.
Location: Cologne, Germany
Stage: Start-up



STRUQT is a Dutch transdisciplinary company that develops an essential building block of the future hybrid reality (metaverse). We are applying cutting-edge tech, scientific, and artistic methods to the domains of synthetic realities (AR, VR, XR), healthcare and emerging media.

STRUQT is a part of the Autodesk Technology Impact Program, Wolfram for Startups, and a member of the Qeske Community.

Location: Maastricht, the Netherlands




An innovative learning community where people can be themselves without any filters, where you will connect with others, develop yourself and make meaningful creations from a position of autonomy.

Location: Kerkrade/Maastricht, the Netherlands

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Worldfactory Start-up Center

The WORLDFACTORY is the central hub at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum for knowledge transfer and entrepreneurship. Researchers as well as students receive competent advice, facilities and infrastructure for testing ideas and concepts as well as networking opportunities. The Worldfactory Start-up Center (WSC) is one of the six Excellence Start-up Centers awarded by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Our aim: We want to strengthen the entrepreneurial spirit and enable more spin-offs from the Ruhr-University Bochum.
Location: Bochum, Germany

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Health+ Inkubator (WSC)

The HEALTH+ Incubator Health+ supports start-ups in the field of Healthcare , Life Sciences and Medical Technology. Improving quality of life through health-related innovations: That’s what ’HEALTH+’ is all about. The incubator bundles the research expertise of health sciences and supports the development of innovative products, services and business models.

Location: Bochum, Germany

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digitalHUB Aachen e.V.

The digitalHUB Aachen is committed to the digitization of the economy and the public sector in the Aachen region. Members are medium-sized companies, industry, startups and institutions that support the vision of the incubator. The digitization center of the digitalHUB Aachen brings together startups and IT SMEs (digital “enablers”) with classic SMEs and industry partners as users (digital “users”). In the digitalCHURCH they jointly develop and implement new digital business models. This is supported by the region and academia (“supporters”) to create an digital innovation network in the EUregion. The digitization center of the digitalHUB Aachen is part of the “Digital Economy NRW (DWNRW)” initiative and one of five centers of expertise for the digital economy in NRW.

Location: Aachen, Germany

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Living Labs Incubator (LLI)

The Living Labs Incubator (LLI) is part of RWTH Aachen University’s excellence strategy and aims to identify and provide institutional support for interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research in living labs. The LLI focusses on networking and supporting existing and emerging living labs at or with the participation of RWTH Aachen University. The overarching goal of the LLI is to research and gain a deeper understanding of living labs as places of transdisciplinary and transformative knowledge transfer. The aim is to meet current challenges and shape transformation together with stakeholders from society, politics and entrepreneurship.

Location: Theaterplatz 14, 52062 Aachen

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Pioneer Lab der Hochschule Fresenius

The PIONEER LAB at Fresenius University of Applied Sciences supports start-ups and companies at all stages at our university locations throughout Germany. With 175 years of educational/entrepreneurial tradition and around 19,000 students, we live the “Great Place To Grow” at the breeding ground of entrepreneurial talent. We combine a broad network of many regional locations to create a large ecosystem and support around 2,100 square metres of coworking space, a student consultancy and numerous start-up events. We focus on professional and targeted coaching, training and support programmes for companies and start-ups. With our own Company Builder, consisting of various incubators and accelerators, we give entrepreneurial projects the necessary boost.

Location: Bundesweite Standorte in Hamburg, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Wiesbaden, Idstein, München

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Care for Innovation – Innovation pflegen e. V.

Care for Innovation is an association of young companies in the field of care for the elderly. As experts, the members of the association make relevant contributions to solve the challenges of an ageing society through the use of digital solutions and creating more time for direct care.

Location: Berlin, Germany

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Zuyd University

The Research Centre for Nutrition, Lifestyle and Exercise of Zuyd University Heerlen focusses on the question of how citizens and people with complex, chronic diseases can be encouraged to lead a more vital lifestyle through personalised (lifestyle) interventions. The mission of the Research Centre is to better understand individual differences within populations and to advise or treat people in a more personalized way. The Research Centre does this by developing and evaluating innovative interventions, tools and products in the field of exercise, nutrition and behaviour change that are tailored to the individual person. Innovative technologies play an important role within these programmes.

Location: Heerlen, the Netherlands

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The chair of e-health and care researches the impact of digitization on the healthcare sector. It focusses on the design and co-creation of digital technologies and aspects that affect the implementation of digital technology in routine care.

Location: Bochum, Germany

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Ministry of Economic Affairs, Industry, Climate Action and Energy

The Ministry of Economic Affairs, Industry, Climate Action and Energy of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, focus on key issues that define the future: we are pushing ahead with the digital transformation of state government services and support businesses on their path into the digital age. When it comes to the energy transition, we are banking on innovation and technological advances in the pursuit of our aim to turn North Rhine-Westphalia into Europe’s most modern, climate-friendly and environmentally sustainable centre of industry.

Location: Düsseldorf, Germany


Techniker Health Insurance Funds


Techniker Health Insurance offers start-ups the information they need along their way into the German healthcare market. We provide helpful tips, insights and methods for the design and development of innovative ideas, important regulations, requirements and market access as well as specific areas of interest of the Techniker Health Insurance Funds.

Location: Hamburg

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pt journal for physiotherapists, Publisher Richard Pflaum

As a magazine, on the web and as a strong community: pt makes physiotherapists a little better every day. Thoroughly researched specialized information, excitingly prepared, available at any time. By recognized experts in the field, for healthcare professionals who love their patients.

Areas of interest: With every issue, pt manages to bridge the gap between science and practice – independent, practical, up-to-date, comprehensive and critical.
Location: Munich, Germany

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